Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cockzilla VII: The Dick-struction

I like to draw ridiculous things to amuse Mike. I decided to share one of them...

Ep. 8 UnSexy Cast

This episode brings us the best intro to date and is so chock full of embarrassing stories I don't even want to write a synopsis of it.

This last week I met with a friend of mine and asked if she has been listening to us. Apparently she was warned of our extremely raunchy humor. I guess it is, but hey, would it be that much fun if it wasn't?

Like always, we like questions, comments, or whatever you want to send us...we might post it!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Devils' Balls (Travel Edition)

Hello everybody!

Boy, this last episode took us a bit- or really, just took me a bit to post. Better late than never, right? Right??

This episode Ceci discusses her month long trip to her home country of Argentina. From the hazards of travel, to foreign memes, foreign bathrooms, and a Brazil full of roving gangs of sweet sweet trannies.

No links for this ep. but check back for photos!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ep. 6 Stiff Cast

Like our new logo? It always looks fuzzy when we upload it even though its hi-res. However, no need for our audio files to be big so...
Posting a new/old ep. Mike refuses to make a new one till I post this one- so here you go, goddamn it! Mike battles pink eye, we discuss the logistics of the zombie apocalypse, and The Ceci and Mike Show attempts unsolicited product placement.


Cook us alive!
Pink eye is conjunctivitus...and not necessarily caused by shit in your eye.
I'll post the sugar "recipe" later.
BRAINS! Ice brains.
You have a 1 in 10,499 chance of dying by "Drowning and submersion while in or falling into bath-tub". Find out more here.
Soylent Green Plant Food! Really.
Ceci love's Mary Roach and her books. Check out her site.
"Never let other pets eat parts of your dead pets, as they will often get sick as a result." Helpful hints from eHow.

Like always, feel free to comment and follow us! Ciao!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pod People: Special Episode with Rodi

New episode here and this time with more voices! Cecis' brother, Rodi, catches up with us and informs us just how creepy our show is. We talk about chat roulette, testicle related injuries, and getting rubbed down by a chicken. BTW, ignore the background noise. We eat- all the time- and it gets in the way of that professionalism crap.

The Links:

Your oculesics is showing.
Rock out with your cock out.
Rodi makes some claims about ChatRoullette's genesis that appear to be wrong! Also, it is still around.
Talk about ball busting.
Torsion. A little torsion humor.
People study toe lengths? I hope this is self funded.
1008 people can't be wrong about hairy armpits.
Christian beliefs + voodoo = Santeria.
A lot of seizure types don't manifest as people would expect, leaving people to be diagnosed as crazy or possessed. Article on religious experience and epilepsy. Cool.
Found this while researching the above link: The God Helmet. Fucks with your head till you see god. Allegedly.
Botanicas have websites?! This one has tiger gifs. Buy your shrunken heads here!
"Was Michael Jackson another Illuminati slave?" CRA-ZY. I rest my case.
Rodi is right, pinto beans are the most common bean in the US. What about the world? Chick beans. A bean related link. Kinda.

Thank you to Rodi for coming on the show.

P.S. Go check out our friends' blog! Dan has some groovy shows over at Tell him we sent ya.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chihuahuas, Chinchillas, and Chicharone

Hey there peeps!

Another episode for your listening pleasure. Irrelevant wouldn't begin to describe it. Look out too for our first special guest episode coming shortly!

Chihuahuas, Chinchillas, and Chicharone from Ceci and Mike on Vimeo.

The Links:

Excellent 80's cover of the Dragnet theme song. And by excellent I mean horrible.
Oh, thank God, vibrator repair! Dragnet quotes that are worth it.
Lucy was a registered communist.
Buy the Addams' bear skin rug
Check out the page if only to see the cicada molting time lapse. And this quote "In Tuscany, the Italian word for the cicada (cicala) is the euphemism for "vagina" used by children." Surely, because of the noisy natures of vaginas.
Compare: White Chicks vs. Crossdressers in creepy masks (nothing says incognito like it!)
Of Uncanniness in Valleys
The first book I ever read about necrophilia was written by this man.

We also talk about some of our favorite music videos. Mike only listens to NIN so his non-nin contribution was Prodigy - Smack my bitch up (Uncensored!)

And as a bonus, I will nominate a good NIN video just for him. Happiness is Slavery which I find fascinating if for no other reason than Bob Flanagan, a man who could nail a spike through his cock and not even cringe. And then called it art.

                             Ceci's Top Five no particular order.
                                     I suggest that maybe you watch them before the podcast.

                                          "Evolution" by Pearl Jam

                                          "Rabbit in Your Headlights" by UNKLE

                                          "Since I Left You" by the Avalanches

                                          "All is full of love" by Bjork

I did say here's one more. Some animation, from my recently watched list.
Parachute Ending by Birdy Nam Nam. An awesome song and a video that was made with pure LSD.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ep. 4 NekkidCast


Ceci and Mike are back and we got a back-up of these babies. Thankfully, every new ep. is a little more experience and slowly we can streamline this ragtag operation.

This week is the Nekkid-cast, where we have our breakfast in the nude and discuss our favorite childhood foods, where storks come from, and finding shame at Disney world. I decided to start including fun little links that go along with the episode. So, check them out later or as you go along, you know, make an event out of it.

The Links:

Polenta recipe (substitute cream cheese with melt-y cheeses) 
Chipa recipe This one takes a couple tries to get, a challenging recipe.
I want to find a current picture of Brendan Fraser but it's too heartbreaking.
Someone wrote the book on auto-fellatio. Stunning.